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Legal Thrillers

The legal thriller is one of my favorite genres of crime fiction. They let me into the world of courtrooms, suits, lawyers, paralegals, and their innocent, not so innocent, and some down-right shady clients.

2022 Edgar Awards Winners

On April 28, the Mystery Writers of America announced the winners of the 76th annual Edgar Awards in New York City. The awards, the Edgars, honor the best in mystery fiction, non-fiction, television, film, and theatre published or produced in the previous year.   This year’s winners were:

John Grisham

  John Grisham’s name is synonymous with a best-seller. When you think of legal thrillers, John Grisham is one of the first names that comes to mind. Since his first book, The Firm, came out in 1987, he has kept a place on the New York bestsellers list. And if you’ve read any of his […]

Tess Gerritsen

Terry (Tess) Gerritsen knew she wanted to write when she was a little girl growing up in San Diego, California. With a Chinese immigrant and a Chinese-American seafood chef as parents, she dreamed of writing her own Nancy Drew stories. According to an interview in the July 15, 2021, New York Times, Tess thought Nancy […]

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