Reacher or Hardboiled, here’s a little something for everyone

Opening a Mystery welcomes you and we hope we have a little something for everyone. Spring is coming. The clock has changed. Now we actually have an afternoon to enjoy. If you’ve been coming home from work in the dark, I’m sure you are doubly happy.

We are seeing a great time to be a crime fiction lover. Whether it is people looking back at the classics, or the number of future best-sellers that are coming out in the next few weeks, there is a little something, whether a book or a show, for everyone.

Reacher TV series on Amazon
Lee Cobb’s Reacher

Let’s start with Lee Lofland’s review of the first episode of Reacher. Reacher is the hero created by Lee Child, a powerful, quiet, no-nonsense type of guy. When trouble finds him, trouble is always sorry.

Lee Lofland is a former police investigator, former police academy instructor trainer, and acts as a consultant for several best-selling authors. He is also the founder and host for the Writers Police Academy. The Academy is a chance for authors to meet and receive training from trainers for law enforcement officers. I got to go to it a few years ago, and it was a blast.

A few years ago, he reviewed Castle, and it was very informative. In his reviews, he looks for details that accurately mirror genuine officers and what they see on the street. He also points out where the show went too Hollywoody. This link goes to the review of the first episode, and he promises to continue throughout the series.

Top Hardboiled Mysteries

I wrote about hard-boiled mysteries here. Over on Art of Manliness, Brett and Kaye McKay give us their Top Five Best Hardboiled Novels. The usual suspects appear, but the McKays explain the hard-boiled genres and review each of their five choices.

Differences in Mystery, Horror, and Thrillers

And finally, the writing coach, Lucy V. Hay, discusses the differences in mystery, horror, and thriller.  Finding the difference isn’t always as easy as it seems. Coach Hay gives us a couple of things to look for.

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Here’s hoping you find a mystery to cuddle up with this weekend.

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