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  • Merry Christmas

    Wishing You the Joy of Rediscovering the Mystery of Christmas This Season

  • The 2022 Derringer Awards

    The 2022 Derringer Awards were given by the Short Mystery Fiction Society (SFMS) and were announced on May 1.

  • How Do Writers Find Time To Write?

    How do writers find time to write? Ooo, this should be good. I think this is one of the most popular questions that writers ask themselves. Right up there with ‘Am I really a writer?’ So, let me share two interviews with writers who have find the precious time that feels like getting water out…

  • 2021 Anthony Awards

    The Anthony Awards nominees have been announced for 2021. The Anthonys are given out each year at the Bouchercon,

  • Police Procedurals

    One of the key features of the police procedural genre is the attempt to accurately show and tell the profession of law enforcement

  • RIP Margaret Maron

    On February 23, 2021, we lost one of the legends of crime fiction with the passing of Margaret Maron.

  • The Hardboiled Mystery

    The hardboiled American detective was much more cynical than his English counterpart. It wasn’t a game or puzzle to him, but a more personal battle against evil, often of life or death.

  • 2021 Edgar Award Nominees

    The 2021 Edgar Awards nominees were announced yesterday by the Mystery Writers of America. The Edgar Awards take their name from Edgar Allan Poe, considered to be one of the inventers of the detective genre. The winners will be presented in New York City later this year. The nominees come from usually around 2000 submissions…

  • Dashiell Hammett

    Dashiell Hammett

    Although Dashiell Hammett only wrote five novels, he is known as one of the pioneers of detective fiction. He brought us Sam Spade, Nick and Nora Charles, and the Continental Op. Many of the best-selling mystery writers, including Raymond Chandler, say that they were influenced by his style and stories.

  • What’s Your Genre?

    A genre is a category of artistic composition, like literature, characterized by similarities in form, style, or subject matter. It allows us to group similar books or separate books by their differences..