The 2022 Shamus Awards Nominees

The Private Eye Writers of America has released the finalists for the 2022 Shamus Awards. The finalists were announced by PWA Awards Chairperson John Shepphird.

According to the PWA website:

“A Private Eye is defined as a private citizen (not a member of the military, federal agency, or civic state police force) who is paid to investigate crimes. A PI can be a traditional private eye, a TV or magazine reporter, an insurance investigator, an employee of an investigative service or agency, or similar character.”

The PWA was founded in 1981 by Robert J. Randisi, who also created the Shamus Awards. The aim of the organization is to support and further the private eye genre.

The finalists for the 2022 Shamus Awards are:

Best PI Hardcover

Runner (Cass Raines, #4) by Tracy Clark(Kensington)

Last Redemption (A Rick Cahill Novel, #8) by Matt Coyle (Oceanview Publishing)

Pay or Play (A Charlie Waldo Novel, #3) by Howard Michael Gould (Severn House)

Family Business (A Lydia Chin / Billy Smith Novel, #14) by S. J. Rozan (Pegasus Books)

Head Case (A Sam Kelson Mystery, #3) by Michael Wiley (Severn House)

Best Original PI Paperback

Every City is Every Other City (A Gordon Stewart Mystery) by John McFetridge (ECW Press)

The Burden of Innocence (The Ray Infantino Files #2) by John Nardizzi (Weathertop Media Co.)

Angels in the Wind (Mile High Noir Books #3) by Manuel Ramos (Arte Publico Press)

Frog in a Bucket (Eddie Collins Mystery #5) by Clive Rosengren (Coffeetown Press)

An Empty Grave (Any Hayes Mysteries #7) by Andrew Welsh-Huggins (Swallow Press)


Best First PI Novel

Porno Valley by Phillip Elliot (Into The Void)

A Dead Man’s Eyes by Lori Duffy Foster (Level Best Books)

Suburban Dicks by Fabian Nicieza (Putnam)

The Arrangement by M. Ravenel (Chikara Press)

Lost Little Girl by Gregory Stout (Level Best Books)


Best PI Short Story

“Disposable Women” by Michael Bracken (

“Sixteen Lies” by Matt Goldman (Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, September/October 2021)

“Sweeps Week” by Richard Helms (Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, July/August 2021)

“Oro De Tontos (Fool’s Gold)” by Tom Larsen (Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, November/December 2021)

“The Hidden Places” by Linda Stansberry (Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, May/June 2021)

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  1. Every City is Every Other City and The Burden of Innocence are two of the best written private eye novels I read this year. Love their impressions of detective work and sarcastic wit. Porno Valley is too good of a title not to try.

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