Mystery Readings for August

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Enjoying the summer

Welcome to Opening a Mystery, the August 2022 version. I hope you have a cool drink and a sea breeze to enjoy. I have some suggestions for mystery reading in August,

It’s funny how people don’t talk about being excited about the coming of August. Instead, we look at it as when school is about to start. How can we get one more vacation in before fall? And I’ve found that it doesn’t matter if the family has school kids or not.

But, living in South Carolina, I’m on to the sneakiness of August. By making us look beyond it to fall, it leads us to think cool weather is coming, right?

Not so fast. August is just as blazing as the rest of summer. And September usually slips in a surprise week of Indian summer.

Hopefully, this year it won’t be as hot as July, but don’t let it fool you. Summer never leaves without overstaying its welcome.

Lately, I’ve found some very interesting posts on some of my favorite websites.

First, over on Novel Suspects, Tess Gerritsen talks about her writing process, where she finds inspiration, and how she feels about her latest project of co-authoring a book with Gary Braver.

You can find my post on Tess Gerritsen here. I was excited to learn how she started writing her Rizzoli and Isles series. Ah, agents. Aren’t they a hoot?

Second, Jamie Canaves, on Book Riot, gives us six kinds of Non-Murder Focused Mystery plots for those murder make squeamish. Who knew bad guys and gals can find so many ways to get into trouble?

Recently we looked at Locked Room mysteries. Mysteries that at first glance seem impossible to solve. At Crime Reads, Tom Mead looks at the grand history and bright future of locked room mysteries. And maybe he has a new suggestion or two for you.

And finally, to help you find that light reading to get you through the rest of the summer, Jesse Doogan suggests ten cozy mysteries for a gentle thrill.

Wow, that covers a lot of genres and interests. If you really enjoy any of these, please let me know in the comments. Also, I’m working on a new bio for a classic author that I think you will really enjoy.

In the meantime, keep reading. And keep the lights on.

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