Christmas Mysteries and New Books

The Thanksgiving leftovers have been devoured. December and the Christmas season is here.

Christmas Gifts
Christmas Mysteries

This is a time of year that has always been important to crime fiction. Many of our best-selling writers brought out their new releases right before Christmas. And most of our authors have set at least one of their novels at Christmas.

In the weeks before Christmas, I always read at least one mystery about a family gathering at the family’s home to enjoy the festivities when a murder happens. It’s usually at a country estate and it’s snowing. Which is great when many of our Christmases in South Carolina are in the seventies and instead of Christmas sweaters, we wear tee shirts.

But snow and Christmas just go together. As do the holidays and murder. Not that we are morbid (well, maybe a little), but because most of our families have tension between them. And when you find yourself stuck with family members who you either know too well, or only enough to be wary of them, emotions can overflow.

And isn’t that what makes a great story?

I want to take this chance to share two links about mysteries for the season. Over at Hatchett, they have a list of new mystery suspense books coming out this month. (You can get the link here.)

Then, over at Crime Reads, Amy Pershing suggests ten mysteries that take place at Christmas. (You can get that link here.)

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