Review of What Doesn’t Kill Us by David Housewright

Reviewed by Tim Suddeth

If you are looking for a book that is a mix of a police procedural and coming from the criminal viewpoint, What Doesn’t Kill Us, David Housewright’s latest novel released this year, might just fit the bill. Rushmore McKenzie has been shot and lies in a coma. His friends, both in the police department and from the other side of the law, will pull out all the stops to find out why he was in such a rough part of town in the middle of the night. And who shot him in the back.

This is the eighteenth book in the Rushmore Mackenzie series. A former detective for the St. Paul Police Department, who unexpectedly became a millionaire, now does the unofficial investigation when a friend asks. And he has a lot of friends who are looking for a chance to return the favors.

His childhood friend, Lt. Bobby Dunston of the St. Paul Police Department, assigned his best detective to the case. Also, Chopper, a paraplegic and a former drug dealer and pimp who now runs a ticket-scalping operation, works his contact in ways that don’t involve reading them their Miranda rights.

Housewright uses the unique point of views of Mac’s friends to show their different personalities and reveal why they felt indebted to him.

Set in the Saint Paul, Minnesota area, Housewright uses the setting to increase tension. An interesting read with many personalities to keep up with. The personalities are so different, usually it isn’t hard to keep them apart.

The story alternates between the investigation and Mac’s recollections after he wakes from the coma. But it’s worth it because of the surprise at the end.

David Housewright is a past President of the Private Eye Writers of America. He authors two mystery series; The Holland Taylor Novels and The Rushmore McKenzie series. He has won the prestigious Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America.

I wish McKensie a quick recovery. I look forward to his next adventure.

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