Slightly Murderous Intent on Killer Nashville

Slightly Murderous Intent by Lida Sideris

I enjoy both learning from the classic authors as well as finding new writers who are able to ever push the envelopes of the mystery genre. Last week , I was honored to have Killer Nashville publish my review of Slightly Murderous Intent by Lida Sideris. Slightly Murderous Intent is book four of the Southern California Mystery series.

Corrie Locke is a young attorney for a film studio. When her friends becomes targets of a hitman, she is determined to see he doesn’t succeed.

Sideris paints a beautiful picture of southern California, where she resides. Her first stint out of law school was to work as an entertainment lawyer for a film studio like her heroine.

If you like a strong and snarky female detective, this is a great series for you. You can read my full review here.


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  1. Hello, Tim. I’m so glad I happened upon this post because now I have a chance to THANK YOU profusely for the wonderful review of my latest book! It was such a lovely surprise. I’m sure your stellar review played no small part in my book having the great honor of being a Silver Falchion finalist (comedy). A million thanks to you! You truly made my day, my week, my year…thank you so much again!

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