Category: Genres

  • The Development of Spy Novels

    The themes of the spy novel are similar to the adventure novels, thrillers, and politico-military thrillers.

  • Keith Roysdon’s History of True Crime

    Over on the CrimeReads blog, Keith Roysdon wrote a very interesting post entitled “A Brief History of the Rise—And Evolution—Of True Crime Books.”

  • Does True Crime Fit In Mystery/Detective Fiction?

    True crime is a genre of literature that, at first glance, doesn’t seem to belong in a blog about mystery and detective fiction. But its influence on the other fiction genres and its relationship can’t be ignored.

  • The Hardboiled Mystery

    The hardboiled American detective was much more cynical than his English counterpart. It wasn’t a game or puzzle to him, but a more personal battle against evil, often of life or death.

  • What Is A Cozy Mystery?

    A cozy represents escapist reading at its grandest. Slipping inside the book will take you away to a prettier, happier place with friendly people. Just ignore the taped outline on the floor.

  • What’s Your Genre?

    A genre is a category of artistic composition, like literature, characterized by similarities in form, style, or subject matter. It allows us to group similar books or separate books by their differences..