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Month: May 2022

The 2022 Derringer Awards


If you wish to read a mystery but don’t have much time to climb into a novel, maybe you’d rather read a shorter type of mystery. And for

2022 Derringer Awards Wimmers

suggestions on the crème de le crème of the little crop, you can turn to the Derringer Awards. These awards are given by the Short Mystery Fiction Society (SFMS) and are announced annually on May 1.

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CrimeReads State of the Crime Novel for 2022

Over on the CrimeRead website, their senior editor, Molly Odintz, asked the 39 Edgar Awards nominees about the state of the crime novel. She divided the responses into Part One, which is more craft oriented. Then, Part Two focused more on genre and the crime publishing industry. With so many responding, it gives a good overview of how crime fiction is growing and developing.

In Part One, you can also see how your favorite writers feel about working during the pandemic and how they deal with the changes.

In Part Two, the writers suggest classic and new writers to seek. They also discuss how genres are constantly changing.

I hope you enjoy this overview of crime fiction, and maybe find a new author to discover.

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